Parcel delivery companies adopt new technology

    Modern technology is changing the way that many industries are operating their businesses. This is especially true for international and domestic courier services, where the latest technology driven operational changes have transformed the customer service experience. Here are some examples of how this has been done.

    Planning delivery routes

    New route planning software, now studies details of all of the deliveries that a driver has to take out with them in the morning from a depot. This information is then used to plot the most optimal driving route for distance and time. They also import road works and traffic conditions to work out when each parcel is likely to me delivered. A sat nave route planner is then loaded to each vehicle and tells the delivery driver exactly where to go after each drop. The result is the driver minimises the petrol used and their time per delivery. This enables the courier companies to drive down their operational costs.

    Customer Expectations

    As the courier services now know a rough time when each parcel is due to be delivered, they have a fantastic opportunity to raise rates of clients being in to accept their deliveries. They do this be texting and or emailing the receiver with the information that a parcel has been loaded onto a vehicle for collection and that it will be out for delivery today. They can also specify a one hour window when the delivery is expected to be made. This enables the receiver to manage their time to ensure that they are in for the delivery. If they are not going to be in it also gives them the ability to advise the carrier so that the driver and avoid wasted time and reschedule the delivery for when they are going to be in.

    International customs clearance processes

    In recent years this has been revolutionised to such an extent that for many international parcel deliveries to destinations outside of the European Union, the customs documentation is submitted whist a consignment is in transit before it arrives at the destination. For many items they can be automatically cleared and not selected for inspection. Meaning that the transit time for the shipment has been reduced. This is especially important for fast international parcel delivery to countries outside of the European Union.

    Online tracking updates

    The days when couriers could collect a parcel with only a hand written address on them are rapidly ending. Now most courier services require clients to print of an air waybill from their online despatch system. This will validate a delivery address, and provided a printed label that can easily be read with a bar code on. The bar code used acts as a unique identifier for the shipment and is scanned every time a parcel is moved by the courier. So if you use a courier service to send a parcel to Holland you can monitor its transit at every step of its journey giving greater peace of mind.

    These are some of the ways that modern domestic and overseas courier services are adopting new technology to improve their services and lower their costs.

    Witch hazel and acne

    Witch hazel is really a perfect solution to create your skin more healthy as well as getting rid of pimples. It’s an all-natural astringent for your experience, it cleans as well as refreshes, colors skin color, doesn’t take away essential dampness, cleans heavy along plus assists mend skin color irritations due to small cuts as well as pest attacks.

    Witch hazel and acne offers anti-bacterial as well as anti-microbial attributes that make it successful in keeping pimples away as well as gorgeous skin color in. A good thing about witch hazel is in which it’s inexpensive as well as simple to acquire. You will discover witch hazel near to do away with booze, hydrogen peroxide, and so on.

    Witch hazel is needed by means of a number of people in home made toners, hides, moisturizers along with skin color remedies. Nevertheless it may be employed directly to your skin layer with a natural cotton ball, up to double each day. Most witch hazel items furthermore have 14% booze content material. Therefore it’s sure for being really successful.

    Girls bedroom

    Young children have to have a great deal of sleeping. Many people sleeping concerning 10-13 time until eventually age 12 many years. Many people always play in their master bedroom every moment, and your little princess has to feel comfortable within his or her master bedroom. Is it doesn’t consequence of generating concepts master bedroom to your young girl, as well as how to make the actual atmosphere on the master bedroom to be quite unique with regard to them. Thus, you have to be involved in choosing the young girl redecorating tricks to create one of a kind bed rooms as well as trendy. Opt for normal materials given it prevents an opportunity associated with allergy symptoms. Listed below are recommendations with regard to redecorating concepts the little girl’s master bedroom.

    You can view the actual bulletins concerning redecorating tricks to go with a coloration which has concepts as well as versions. Selecting a smooth as well as vibrant colors can make your kid may relax nicely and may likewise aid them experience the exciting. There are many tranquilizing colors which you can use for your little girl’s master bedroom including azure as well as environment friendly. A new gentle curtain associated with gray smooth as well as sweet to your little girl’s master bedroom. You possibly can affix the girl’s favourite products as well as styles such as Mickey Computer mouse button, Barbie, among others. Accessories attached with possibly be spectacular, including pads, photos, artwork, as well as really feel great. Of course, you need to opt for non-toxic fresh paint to your little girl’s master bedroom.

    You don’t need to be able to waste big money to obtain area master bedroom drapes, if you possibly could implement the actual published associated with living, such as flowers, rainbows, or possibly a celeb as well as put it in the windows.

    Search for pieces of furniture for a little girl’s master bedroom in which the thought work better just one with the concept ideas, as well as gear which you can use as a closet. And in addition, to be able to embellish lampshades can use tapes as well as beads, it is a good thought.

    MOBE – Ticket to financial freedom

    makemoneyonlineOf the many internet marketing programs out there, this one is something special. The mystery surrounding it is as secretive as the product itself. One thing, however, is for sure – one of the most anticipated launches in 2014 is great news for both future customers and affiliates. If you want to make money online, this is the article you were looking for. The MOBE or My Online Business Empire is the crowning achievement of internet marking guru Matt Lloyd. He put in no less than a full year in order to bring this forth, making his competitors uneasy as to what he is going to show to the world.

    What Matt is offering is nothing less than a ticket to your financial freedom by making money online fast and easy. MOBE – Matt’s internet marketing program – is a guide that will help you create your own online business. With step by step instructions, you will get a chance to live the lifestyle you were always dreaming about. Running an internet business is a piece of cake – but running it successfully, yielding high profits and enabling you to make money online is the tricky part and Matt is 100% dedicated to helping you out with showing you the ropes himself.

    Of the many products Matt is offering is his MOBE package, MTTB 21-Step Training Program comes most highly recommended by the experts. Matt went an extra mile on this one, by providing you the internet’s first ‘done-for-you’ marketing system with an extra feature everybody will fall in love with – the marketing system deposits $1000, $3000 or $5000 commissions directly into your bank account without even a phone call. That’s how to get right on the track with Matt as a copilot.

    There is of course a question why should you go into making money online with this marketing strategy. Well, the fact you are here is proof enough for me so say that you are ready to change your life. Working 9 to 5 with a fixed income can get little bothersome after some time and you need not only something extra money in your wallet, you need to change the way you are making money completely. Matt is always an advocate of making money while you are sleeping. That doesn’t mean that you are doing something sleep walking around – it means that you are generating income and profit by having an online business that will provide for you even when you are asleep. Imagine waking up with $100 profit your online business generated over night – this is what Matt is all about. If you have a feeling your are worth more than your current income and net worth indicate then this is exactly the program you were looking for.

    MyTopTier Business system that is a part of MOBE is the way to fast track you to make money online fast and easy. It doesn’t matter what kind of online business you are looking to get into, the marketing strategies used in this program are meant and tested for any possible industry out there. This is because the focus of the program is on YOU as a starting entrepreneur. We count on you to become successful, what we are offering are the tools that will let you expand and exploit your potential to the fullest. Teaching you the necessary marketing strategies you will get what it takes to become a successful at making money online.

    In the program, you will find tip and tricks that don’t exist on the internet. Among those are one on one coaching to start you off, training webinars, advertising done for you under Matt supervision. If you have problems closing the sales, we will assist you to sell be it low or high end product mixes Matt will provide and manage for you. If you need assistance along the way, daily and weekly training calls and webinars are included in the MOBE package to help you every step of the way.

    Apply For MOBE Partner Now

    Factors to contemplate when shopping for inflatable water slides

    During weekends or on sizzling afternoons it’s at all times a nice thought to go by the swimming pool and cool off the warmth by dipping yourself into the pool. The outing becomes much more pleasurable and satisfying once you go together with your children. However going with youngsters could be a bit dangerous and tough, especially if they are not good swimmers. The solution to this worry will probably be the use of inflatable water slides which can effectively support your little ones when swimming. The water slide don’t solely aid your baby in swimming or water sliding, but additionally acts as a protecting gear in case of an emergency. Check out the total inflatable water slides guide to see all the perfect slides in motion and choose the one for you.

    There are several elements you’ll have to put into consideration when searching for these types of water slides, a few of these elements embody the following;
    1. The slide High quality-high quality is an important side that you simply can’t just assume when buying anything. When shopping for water slides, just be sure you purchase them from a trusted and known producer with a confirmed monitor document and quality. This may be sure that you get the most effective slides in your family. Remember poor quality slides would possibly find yourself causing extra harm to your children.

    2. The worth of the slide-that is the second issue you must take into account when shopping for a water slide. Keep in mind high quality slides will appeal to a higher price compared to low high quality ones, due to this fact do not be lured by the low worth and end up shopping for a water slide which could fail to face the test of time.

    3. Age of the users -who’re you shopping for the water slides for? Think about the age of the goal consumer before deciding on any slide. Don’t purchase a slide meant for a three 12 months old consumer and count on it to be useful for a ten yr old child.

    4. Your backyard-when buying inflatable water slides, keep in mind to place in mind the scale of your backyard. Do not purchase a slide which is not going to fit into your yard properly.

    5. The water slide sealing methodology-guantee that the water slide is properly sealed because this can prevent water from accumulating inside the slide. The seams of the slide should be glued along with a heavy glue to stop any water from getting inside the water slide. The glue additionally prevents the slide from being attacked by molds and mites.

    6. Be certain the slide has drain plugs-be sure that the water slide has drain plugs on the bottom because this helps in draining any accrued water from the slide.

    7. Sliding surface-It is usually paramount to make sure that the water slide you purchase has a clean sliding surface. This makes it easy to navigate contained in the pool.
    Keep in mind when shopping for a water slide, you need to purchase something sturdy which can serve you for an extended interval of time. The slide should be easy to deal with and use and should be capable of present the needed enjoyment and safety to the users. Any water slide must be simple to fold and carry, do not purchase a slide which is simply too sophisticated and too heavy.

    Phen375 review – Is Phen375 A Great Body fat Burner?

    Wish to consider if Phen375 is a great way to help you slim down and whether it’s a safe body fat burner. Let us begin with safety since that’s the most crucial factor with any type of slimming pill. This unique product has investigated exactly what made that old appetite suppressing formulation so effective as diet and body fat burning pill. The issue could be that the old appetite suppressant was banned because it didn’t adhere to Food and Drug Administration rules.

    Caused by which was the development of Phen375. It uses effective and safe elements which are all 100% FDA approved and safe. It’s been examined as well as their aren’t any unwanted effects. It can benefit anybody who would like to slim down and achieve this securely. Essentially, what is happening is that this slimming pill has had the ability to provide the customer all the old advantages of appetite suppressants with no unwanted effects.

    Here are a few details about all of them you need to know. The 1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride is discovered is the safer option to ephedrine. This accumulates your concentration level by supplying you with increased energy. The 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine likewise helps in the same manner that is usually called as thermogenics. The Sympathomimetic Amine is yet another alternative which was found for ephedrine. The DHEA and L-carnitine blends to create rapid weight loss. Plus it evolves the muscles. Based on each one of these results and feed-backs got in the scientific research group, the producers could supply the customers using the best weight loss supplement that actually works!

    Phen375_pillsNow allows enter into effectiveness. The body fat burners continues to be stated to be really proficient at helping anybody take about 3lbs – 5 pounds of body fat off each week. For those who have to lose about fifty to one hundred pounds, this really is perfect. It’s also good in a nutshell term doses for those who wish to lose 10 pounds of body fat. The actual way it works is as simple as controlling the quantity of calories that the body craves. This primary craving of snacks is really a major reason for weight problems following a very long time. If you want assist with burning body fat and calories because you aren’t effective out enough because it is, it will help. It improves what you can do to lose calories. An immediate advantage of this method happening is increased levels of energy. It will help fight that sluggish feeling that happens once in awhile.

    Overall, the weight-loss dietary pill is excellent at what it really does and uses the very best and many purest labs to formulate all its elements right into a safe tablet. If you are really fed up with everything excess fat from body fat around your abdominal area, try to consider Phen375.

    Phen375 isn’t a controlled drug. You can buy it without prescription from the medical professionals. If you’re still getting doubt about this product, place off your worries now since the manufacturer of Phen375 is providing a 30-day full money-back guarantee for those their clients. This really is really wherein producers accustomed to show their confidence within the items and what you’ll get from this is a excellent insurance when purchasing the items. Therefore if there’s whatever reason you aren’t pleased with the merchandise, you skill is just give it back where you’ve bought and obtain a complete refund!, A New Ripple Gateway and Online Exchange Opens Its Doors

    Today,, a Ripple gateway, opened its doors to the public. Among the many benefits offered, users will have an easier way to acquire XNFs (NoFiatCoin), as well as an alternative path to access and exit the Ripple Network.

    As the company’s CEO, Robert Reyes, explained in an interview with, “thanks to our partnership with AeraPay, we are now accessible to many people in different countries that did not have a local solution to access the Ripple Network. Together with our partners, we are providing access to the Ripple network to countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom. We can cater to hot markets such as Singapore, China, provide a second option for clients in the United States, cover the EURO Zone as well. We will be supporting more national currencies in the coming days, one of them being the Dominican Peso. This is important because remittance to the Dominican Republic is a 3.2 Billion USD per year market.”

    Currently the gateway supports USD and EUR. Next week, it will bring onboard another 7 currencies among them HKD, CNY, AUD, NZD, GBP, JPY and SGP. They are also looking to support more currencies within the month of April, such as ZAR, THB and CAD.

    The XNF Trading platform is extremely easy to use. There are tooltips and help notes on how to use each feature throughout the site. In case users need further assistance, they can submit a support ticket, which will be received by a live Support Manager. This is particularly important as customers can be relieved to know that they can receive a customized solution, based on their individual needs and goals.

    Security will also be a major function on the gateway. With the recent scandals involving Bitcoin, security is a major concern for everyone. This problem won’t surface with The platform will be secure via manual processing, which means each transaction will be verified and approved by a live person. Moreover, the platform has a decoupled database, which will ensure hackers cannot steal any data or values. In other words, if someone does manage to break through its “walls”, the most they’ll get away with are emails as that’s all the information they’ll find on the platform.

    For a limited time, XNF Trading is offering users free transactions. The company is also planning on providing exclusive promotions to their users among other giveaways. The team is already working on a second release, which will have many more features that will allow the gateway to function as a full exchange.

    About the company: provides an easy and secure platform to buy XNFs and other digital values. Values can be used on the Ripple Network to barter or exchange for goods, services, currencies and everything else. The platform provides direct contact with live customer support Managers.

    Learn How to Unlock iPhone 4

    Unlocking is a terrible game and sometimes it goes well while other times it sucks. You don’t know when you are going to succeed in this game and when you will be hit on the back by the system and left with a useless iPhone. In this article, we are going to discuss different methods of how to unlock iPhone 4 and some tips and tricks as well. Stay tuned for useful and authentic information because we always provide you with reliable sources.

    The first and very famous method of unlocking iPhone 4 is the factory unlocks method which is usually performed by the manufacturer or other well known unlocking companies online. In this process, all you need to do is to provide the company with the IMEI number of your iPhone 4 and your iPhone will be unlocked quickly. The more quickly you want the company to do it, the more exceptional their services would be. Prices of this service vary from company to company and you can search on internet to find out the best available rates. The major benefit of this factory unlock service is that you will no longer be required to do anything else with your iPhone and everything will work perfectly.

    The second method of unlocking your iPhone 4 is software unlocks. It is the most unreliable yet cheap method of doing it. You can find any software online which offers reliable unlocking service but you cannot trust on any software. Most of the times software unlocks lead the iPhones to malfunctioning. In order to avoid this situation, it is suggested to contact professional software unlocks service providers. They do charge a little bit of amount but they will provide you with reliable software unlock services. This method is also known as jail breaking in which much focus is paid upon the working of different apps and installation of the latest interface.

    The third and slightly reliable method of unlocking your iPhone 4 is to break the restrictions by using iTunes. It is basically official software provided by the Apple Company to its users and you can utilize it for unlocking purpose. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone 4 using the USB cable and launch the iTunes program. Once your iPhone 4 will be detected by the system, you will be alerted with a notification. Proceed with unlocking it and you will receive an unlocked notification on the screen of your iPhone.

    How Can You Unlock iPhone 3GS for Less?

    iPhone has launched only a few iPhones till date and almost every iPhone receive a follower of its family with an S attached to its name. IPhone 3g was pretty faster and excellent phone as compared to the previous devices of Apple. After a few days of its launch, iPhone 3g received a great response from the mobile lovers and that is why a record number of sales have been noted for this version. Apple Company is making great success with its unique and little line of iPhones and earning handsome amount of money every year.

    Recently a new version of IPhone family has been launched with a complete lush interface and lots of new apps and games. But this enjoyment would not be available for the people who are planning to buy a locked version of this iPhone. IPhone 3gs will be available in the market in both locked and unlocked form and it would be up to you to go for whatever version. Unlocked version of iPhone 3gs will be priced higher because it is ready to go and you won’t have to get it unlocked before using it.

    Most of the customers are annoyed with this distinction between locked and unlocked iPhone of the same version because one has their own desire to run whatever the operator they want to and why company is imposing only two so called carriers over them? Well this is not the topic of our discussion, if you are tight in budget and planning to go a little back with purchasing a locked iPhone 3gs then you can get it unlocked in very less if you pay a bit of attention to this matter.

    You can unlock iPhone 3gs by yourself if you have guts to do so otherwise it is always wise to ask someone professional to help you out in performing this unlocking task. When it comes to price, local vendors may ask you for lot money because the phone is new in the market and they will b having a good demand of it. In case if you want to save money on unlocking process as well then you should roam online and find out which companies are offering iPhone3gs unlocking services online. This way you will be able to compare and contrast the rates of different companies and select which one suits your budget.

    Importance of 24 hour locksmith services

    As we all know, locksmith services contribute a lot in the terms of maintaining environment that is secure and safe for everyone. However, locksmith services providers have one thing in common. They provide customers with 24 hour locksmith services. The meaning of this is that there is no need to fix your lock if it has a problem. Calling for a locksmith service provide is a good way and better than putting up your own effort. Also, it helps in coming up with the purpose of having new keys.

    Different types of services offered by locksmith

    Even if you are able or you have the knowledge of fixing locks, you never know if there are different services comes from a locksmith near me. The reason is that locksmith offers different kind of services according to your needs. Examples, some of the keys need to be cut, lock picking, replacing lost keys, trunk opening, duplicating vehicle keys and new ignition keys.

    Industry-Specific Solutions

    Most businesses from different industries need to have additional security services. The major reasons of this are having the sensitivity and how the nature of business is. An example, some companies need to monitor their employees, customers and even outsiders. You can come over in a situation like these especially in gold shops and banks. Therefore, locksmith offers these services by offering CCTV. They also offer the surveillance cameras and intercom.

    No Geographical Constraints

    This happens many times that when you open your car door, you may accidentally break the car key. These make you to remain stuck in it and you never get an easy way to deal with it. You may reach to a point of felling helpless especially if you are in a remote area where you cannot take somebody to help you. In such situation, the best way is to call locksmiths. The reason is that locksmith is available when they are called. You do not need to find geographical constraints.

    Importance of locksmith services in holidays

    While you plan to spend your holidays, you must know that there is a possibility of reaching in a destination that will require you to lock your car. You may forget your keys inside the car and you will feel powerless at that moment. But you are lucky because locksmith deal with such problems. You only need to call them and they will open your car.

    Australian Voice Over Artist Visits a Record Amount of Cities in Twelve months. Offers Travel Tips.

    Combining his love of travel and a passion for the voice over industry, Australian Dave Kirwan has visited a record 40 cities in 12 months, all while continuing to record voice overs from his portable studio.

    The former SEA FM DJ, Weather Channel anchor and Today Show snow reporter now focuses on his voice over career which started in Sydney Australia. Kirwan now resides in New York City which is the perfect base for traveling the globe.

    Some of the cities Kirwan traveled to and set up his portable studio setup in hotel rooms include Paris, Honolulu, Istanbul, London, Dublin, Athens, Madrid, Frankfurt, and Cabo, Mexico

    As a top Australian male voice over artist, some of Kirwan’s previous clients over the years include Nickelodeon, MTV, McDonalds, Garnier, Telstra and thousands more radio and televisions commercials. He is also the current voice for Spotify Australia, informing listeners of the benefits of upgrading to the premium service between songs.

    Kirwan said the travel has not been a problem for anyone. “Clients appreciate that they can have access to a voice every single day no matter where in the world I am. Previously you risk losing a client if they cannot get a hold of you.” He said from Athens, Greece.

    His studio consists of a microphone and laptop and achieves the same sound as that of a studio in any major city. “I’ve never had one complaint about the audio. The microphone is one of the best in the industry, and hotel rooms are almost like a studio in regards to lots of padding with carpet and curtains.”

    Spending nearly every single week of the year traveling, he’s picked up some tips along the way for living on the road and saving money, without comprising anything.

    • Travel lightly. You can always buy something at your destination if you really can’t live without it.
    • The accent works wonders when checking in for room upgrades. Be friendly, thankful and subtle.
    • Don’t bother asking for upgrades for flights. These days it’s based on your frequent flyer status with the airline.
    • Cheaper 2-3 star hotels usually offer free wifi and free breakfast. Expensive hotels charge extra. Plus star ratings are not based on the rooms or ambience, but rather the facilities. And are you really going to go to the hotel gym when you’re in a new city!
    • Venture out beyond the tourist areas. Things are cheaper and you get more of the local cultural experience.
    • Withdraw local currency from ATMS in large amounts like $500, then keep in the hotel safe. Less hassle and usually a better exchange rate.
    • Join airline and hotel loyalty programs. I fly business class nearly everywhere and only pay for a coach/economy ticket thanks to free upgrades.

    The Sydney male voice over actor has recorded for almost every single audio application including phone greetings, explainer videos, children’s toys, audio books, video games and podcasts.

    His travel continues into 2014 with trips planned to Peru, Milan and back to two of his favorite destinations Paris and Orlando, Florida.

    Kirwan’s website features demos of his work:

    Soon to be Engineering Grad Seeks Backers for Wireless Rechargeable Speakers for Smartphone Via IndieGogo Campaign

    (Bradley, Illinois) — (2014)Curator of Music A Gogo – A rechargeable, wireless speaker system for smartphones sets to raise $7,500 in support for market production through crowdfunding supporters.


    Music A GoGo is the latest in speaker technology for music lovers, with wireless compatibility on smartphones devices and MP3 players, the speaker system can play music in high volume and rich sound without the cluster of wires, cables, and even Bluetooth.


    The product, which is in its final stages, has been thoroughly tested and fine-tuned. The developers are now debuting a crowdfunding campaign exclusively on Indiegogo, with the project curators hoping to raise $7,500 that will be used to produce the device for interested consumers and backers alike.


    The design and functionality of this device is intentionally simple, as all the user has to do is place their smartphone or MP3 player on the Music A GoGo speaker’s top. The speaker will then deploy an innovative acoustic mechanism to deliver sound that’s both clear and full-bodied. No matter the setting, Music A GoGo is already set to be a great source of music entertainment as the wireless speaker system provides users with a quick “grab and go” feature set that is currently unrivalled in the market today.


    Hundreds of hours spent on the development and creation of the device, with the idea initially started on paper and went through numerous design changes since its inception. Taking nearly (months) to create, the Indiegogo campaign is the device’s ultimate horizon.


    Project manager, Nick Robinson comments on what has been a highly anticipated campaign. “Mike and I are incredibly excited for this new venture, and we want everyone to know that our dedication is the real deal. We hope that everyone will see how passionate we are about Music A GoGo, as I’ll be personally working with the factory to monitor production, quality and delivery of each and every wireless smartphone speaker system that is created.”

    “We were honestly apprehensive about whether their concept would work, but as we began building the device, things started to come together. Mike and I both have an understanding of speakers and electro-mechanical systems to create a reliable and quality device,” states Robinson. “But after the breadboards and amplifier circuits were put in place, the device was put through several rounds of testing to arrive at a sound that is both enriching and crisp with no outside interference. It’s flawless!”


    The wireless smartphone speaker system is powered with an internal lithium battery or a 5V DC USB connection. The device features two operating modes – ON and OFF.  It is dead simple to operate as all individuals have to do is pick up their cell phone off the Music A GoGo to take a phone call, then simply place it back on the device as music resumes instantly where it left off. Never skipping a beat!


    If the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is successful, Music A GoGo will be available in a variety of colors, with prices starting at just $20. The creators will be offering those who choose to back the campaign on Indiegogo with exclusive prices below market value. As it stands, for the campaign to become a success and Music A GoGo to go to full marketing, the creators must secure 1,200 or more pre-orders.


    This latest campaign is run by Nick Robinson – an Engineering Major who is scheduled to graduate from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago in (2015). Nick’s partner Mike Reeves has been developing successful projects over the past 30 years. Mike invented and patented four different products, one being marketed for over 10 years on the QVC shopping channel. He was the CEO of Comguard Inc. and Vice President of Engineering for Ameritech. The two hope that online community support will allow them to finalize the mass production and marketing plans for Music A GoGo, and upon completion of the Indiegogo campaign, they will undergo “final push” to the market and launch the products by (April 2014).


    For media inquires regarding Music A GoGo and the Indiegogo campaign, individuals are encouraged to contact Project Leader, Nick Robinson at (815-550-9979) or via email at ( To learn more about campaign or to contribute please visit: